Award-Winning Biography of
Kenichi Zenimura,
Japanese American Baseball Pioneer

McFarland, the leading independent publisher of academic and nonfiction books, is pleased to announce the release of the biography “Kenichi Zenimura, Japanese American Baseball Pioneer.” Written by baseball historian and author Bill Staples, Jr., and featuring a foreword by Don Wakamatsu, the first Asian-American manager in major league history, the new biography delivers a thorough and fascinating account of Kenichi Zenimura (1900-1968), the man recognized by historians as the “Father of Japanese-American Baseball.”

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Their story, and the story of their ancestors and descendants, is a tale of a great journey, full of hard-won victories, devastating setbacks, and...



Because the NBRP is a non-profit organization, donations and funding is needed to keep the exhibit on it’s expansive U.S. tour.



The NBRP mission is to foster awareness and education of Japanese American Internment through the prism of baseball and its multimedia projects...

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Rare 1927 film footage of Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig and Japanese American Baseball All-Stars

Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig and Japanese American Baseball all-stars playing together in Fresno, CA at Fireman’s Ballpark. Only on-field 16mm footage taken during the eight city tour.

The Nisei were on Gehrig’s team and beat Babe Ruth’s 13-3. Taizo Toshiyuki filmed these ballplayers on October 29, 1927.

Through the spirit of Gail Zenimura Dunn’s passing, we obtained the reel and digitized it to this format.

Group photo includes (Lt to Rt ), Johnny Nakagawa, Lou Gehrig, Kenichi Zenimura, Babe Ruth, Fred Yoshikawa and Harvey Iwata. ( Courtesy of Taizo Toshiyuki family, Frank Kamiyama photographer and NBRP ).

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The Nisei Baseball Research Project (NBRP) is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization founded by Kerry Yo Nakagawa to preserve the history of Japanese American Baseball.

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